Media Proper

Media Proper is a boutique web design and consulting firm located in Media, PA. We specialize in creating and deploying high impact websites, particularly for small businesses. With years of experience under our belts, we understand what a small business website should be, how it should work, and, most importantly, how to build one.

Helping Clients to Grow Their Businesses Using Technology—and Understanding

A well-designed, highly effective website is one of the most important tools your business needs in order to grow. Your website forms your identity on the Internet, where the world sees you and what you have to offer. Media Proper not only understands the technical requirements of a world class website, but we also understand the business requirements behind it. A Media Proper website is a powerful differentiator for your brand.

A Comprehensive Suite of Web Services

In today’s sophisticated Internet environment, an attractive website isn’t enough—you need more than an online brochure. Your website needs functionality that is tailored to your specific enterprise. We start with your vision of what the site should be and then run with it from there. We create copy that helps you to sell more, and then we optimize the copy so that your customers can find you. We are also marketing and branding experts, so we ensure that your website showcases your brand’s most important messages.

Web Design by Media Proper

Founded in 2001 with Local, Philadelphia Roots

Although we can and do work with clients around the world, our roots are right here in Philadelphia. We understand the region and local attitudes. Our specialty is in helping local businesses—our neighbors—to sell more of whatever it is that they sell.

Big City Solutions—Small Town Attitude

Just because we are a small, local company, it doesn’t mean that we don’t pack the power and punch of larger, big city firms. We offer all of the quality, without the hassle—or the overhead—of the big city. We love working with our neighbors. And we value our relationships with smaller, growing businesses. If you’re here, you probably realize that using an off-shore developer to shave a few bucks off of the project fee isn’t an option. An intimate understanding of the way you do business and where you do it is key to effective website design.

We Create Relationships, Not Just Projects

For many web design agencies, clients are little more than numbers on an invoice. Not at Media Proper. We want to get to know you, and we hope we’ll become your go-to Internet marketing resource over the long-term. Our goal is not to just build your website for you—we want to build a relationship with you as well.

Turning Your Visions Into Reality

One of our skills is in making the vision you have in your mind about how your website should look into a reality. Media Proper respects that your website is a reflection of both you and your business, and we want to make that reflection as accurate—and effective—as possible.

A Systematized Website Development Process

We’ve been building websites for years, and we have it down cold. Media Proper uses a programmatic system to make your website come to life—and to start making you money. We leave nothing to chance and take care of even the smallest details. Our entire process is centered around one thing—making you happy with your new website.

Highly Effective SEO

Today, effective SEO is a lot more than stuffing a bunch of keywords into a hollow and meaningless document. Effective search engine optimization is a complex, essential element for every website. The reality is that in order to be successful online, people need to be able to find you. Using our perfected SEO expertise, we make sure that they can.

Content That Makes an Impact

Good and powerful content is at the heart of every website—and every brand. We make sure your content is not only finely tuned from an SEO perspective, but also created to establish you as a thought leader in your field. Media Proper will create content for you that both lets people find you and makes them eager to do business with you.

Google Adwords Experts

Google Adwords can be a powerful marketing tool for any business, because it can potentially create a steady stream of customers at a very affordable price. But a mismanaged Google campaign can completely drain your bank account while delivering zero customers in the process. Media Proper will not only show you how to launch a successful Adwords campaign, but we can manage it for you as well.

Local Roots, Local Market Knowledge

We love working with other small businesses in our local area. We all live here, and most of us grew up here. In other words, if you’re a local business, the Media Proper team knows your market inside out. We know how they think, we know what they want, and we understand what makes them buy.

Perhaps it’s time to put Media Proper to work for you. To get started, please visit us at