First Fair Trade Town

Media, PA – America’s First Fair Trade Town

For the most up to date information about Fair Trade in Media and beyond, please check out our Fair Trade Committee’s website:

What does it mean to be America’s First Fair Trade Town? It means that as a community, Media has taken a meaningful step toward improving lives all over the world.

At its most fundamental level, Fair Trade is the practice of insuring that farmers and workers receive a fair and stable price for their products and labor. In practice, Fair Trade extends well beyond fair pay and touches almost every aspect of the farming communities. Growers are encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly practices to ensure sustainability for their land and crops. Farmer owned cooperatives also invest back into their communities through health programs, building roads and schools. Because Fair Trade’s impact spreads throughout communities so completely, everyone’s quality of life is improved. From empowering women, sending children to school rather than the fields and building better infrastructures, these committed growers are ensuring the future of their businesses and their communities while producing superior products for the rest of the world.

By using their buying power to support Fair Trade products, Media’s businesses and consumers are saying that our sense of community extends beyond the boundaries of our small town. If buying a Fair Trade chocolate bar here means that somewhere children are going to school instead of working in the fields, we’re taking a small step towards a better world with every bite. In a nutshell, that’s what it means to be a Fair Trade town!

To learn more about Fair Trade, its history, mission, certification requirements, and future please click here to be linked to the Media Fair Trade Committee website.